Forex V/S Stocks – Which One Should I Choose?

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Forex V/S Stocks – Which One Should I Choose?


Forex or Stocks

Forex or Stocks – which one should I choose? It is a common question that often arises in the minds of most of the newbies in the stock market and money market. Forex which stands for foreign exchange has earned a huge popularity in the trading world and in recent years, a quick shift has been observed for investors from stocks to forex. So, what is the reason that encourages investors to take interest in Forex? Or, is it actually a good bet to play in Forex than stocks? There are several questions that strike in the minds of new traders and finding a right answer can certainly bring peace in this situation. So, Forex V/s stocks is certainly a great topic which we will cover in this article and make you aware of which should you choose for your investments or for trading.

Forex & Stock Markets Have A Huge Difference

It is a reality that there are several differences lie in the forex and stock markets. Due to those differences, we can easily present individual aspects and qualities of each market to traders. Knowing these aspects, one can certainly make a wise decision for his or her investment in forex or stock markets. The contribution of these aspects sums up to a huge probability and opportunities to grow your profit in a small period of time. Though the expert traders believe that forex is like a sword having double edges and if you fail in handling it, it can bring a huge defeat to you and can certainly lead you to your profit as well as capital loss. So, we cannot deny with the risk involved in forex market and considering that risk, you should think of investing in the forex.

Although we highlighted the risk factor of forex market to you, it does not mean the stock market is fully safe and has no risk factor to care about. But, there are certain risks that are associated with market fluctuation and commodity price fluctuations which can be handled by following global market events and expert stock market advisers at some level. Just like risk factor, there are several other things on which we can evaluate forex and stock markets individually. So, let’s find out other major aspects in two of them that make one better on another.

Hours Of Trading

Forex market provides several opportunities for traders to trade due to its broadly open trading time. In this market, traders usually make transactions from around 7 PM EST to around 3 PM EST. The forex market remains open from Sunday to Monday always. Though in the stock market, you are allowed to trade in pre-fixed time slot between 9 AM EST to 4 PM EST and it remains open from Monday to Friday only. So, the time limit is a big factor that makes Forex better than Stocks. In Forex, you are allowed to enjoy several trading opportunities throughout a week and at any time. This way, you can easily grow your profits and can make good money.

Difference At Leverage

If we compare the stocks to Forex, it has less leverage as it provides fewer opportunities for growing your profit for your investment. However, in Forex, you get more leverage and get greater opportunities to enhance their profits on their investments. Here, brokers often provide 1:50 to 1:400 leverage. Finding more leverage means more ease in profit making. So, here again, forex wins from Stocks on leverage.

Comparing At Liquidity

In Forex, the market trading remains higher as compared to stock market. Apart of it, in Forex, your choices usually narrow down in 4 different major pairs for currency like GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/Japan Yen. Though in stocks, there are more than 40 thousand stocks to trade in. Having this much choice usually, makes things complicated and confusing for traders to decide which stock should be the best to trade in. It takes too much time to decide the best stocks and a wrong choice may bring disastrous results to your investment.


In forex, you don’t have to worry about commissions to be paid to anyone as it is free of all sorts of commissions like no brokerage charges, no fee for exchange, and no fee related to government. On the contrary, in stocks, there are huge commissions which you have to pay and that actually affects your profit. The broker can charge you a certain fixed amount as commission or you can choose to pay off with every selling or buying of shares in stock trading. Thus, forex trading is far better and more profitable for you as compared to stock trading. There is no stress of paying commissions that usually deducts the profit on your investment in forex.

No Influence To Market

The best thing of Forex is; it has a great scope and no individual investor has that power to manipulate the market or can affect the currency trading. In comparison to stocks, the market of forex is stronger that cannot be affected easily. In the stock market, the fluctuations come even by the decision of a single large company and that makes it actually weaker to Forex.


When we bring forex and stocks together for comparison, Forex emerges as the winner because of its greater edges in comparison to stocks. So, if you are a new in trading and do not want to take much risk with your investment, then go for Forex for better growth of your money.


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Divided UK Gets ready for Brexit

The UK will start settlements to leave the European Union almost 7 months after voting to leave the bloc in a remarkable referendum. No nation has actually ever voted to stop the EU, numerous financiers …

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The judgment stated the British federal government needs to initially get parliamentary approval prior to starting the official Brexit procedure. When it comes to Brexit, numerous remaining concerns stay. Will the UK maintain tariff-free access to the Single Market, and how will Brexit effect monetary organizations’ passporting rights? British equities have actually fared enormously well in the wake of the Brexit vote, as the Bank of England (BOE) has actually taken preventive actions to hold up against the financial blowback. Pound sterling might have yet to discover its bottom, as financiers prepare for unstable Brexit settlements in the near future.

How Brexit May Not Really Take place

Britain’s choice to leave the European Union on June 23 surprised the international monetary markets, set off prevalent worries about the future of pan-European combination. Advancements because that eventful night have actually led lots of observers to conclude that Brexit …

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One month later on, Britain’s High Court tossed a wrench in May’s strategy by ruling that Brexit can not in fact occur without parliamentary assent. At the really least, the High Court judgment recommends Brexit might be postponed numerous years as MPs weigh the pros and cons of leaving the single market. There are a number of other factors why Brexit may not really take place. If the Brexit concern goes to Parliament, we might be looking at lots of more years prior to the divorce really occurs. (6) The BOE has actually suggested its desire to reduce financial policy even more ought to Brexit headwinds show more powerful than formerly pictured.

Intraday technical levels and trading recommendations for GBP/USD for November 22, 2016

Share This: The price zone between 1.3845 and 1.3550 (historical bottoms set in January 2009) was considered a significant demand zone to be watched for bullish recovery. However, by the end of June a significant bearish break below 1.3550 was expressed as seen on the depicted charts (fundamental reasons). Bearish persistence below the demand level at 1.3550 enhanced the bearish scenario towards the current price levels around 1.2700 (nearest bearish projection target). Note that the GBP/USD pair was trapped inside the depicted consolidation range above 1.2700 until a bearish breakout took place on October 6. Daily persistence below 1.2700 confirmed the bearish Flag pattern. That’s why, bearish projection target would be located around 1.2020. Recently, bullish recovery was manifested around 1.2080. That is why, a bullish pullback was being executed towards 1.2700. The recent bullish pullback towards 1.2700 was suggested to be watched for a valid SELL entry. The bearish engulfing candlestick of the previous week enhances this scenario. S/L should be lowered to 1.2600 to offset the associated risk. T/P levels should be located at 1.2300 (reached already) and 1.2100. The material has been provided by InstaForex Company – Source: Instaforex

Intraday technical levels and trading recommendations for EUR/USD for November 22, 2016

Share This: In January 2015, the EUR/USD pair moved below the major demand levels near 1.2100 where historical bottoms were previously set in July 2012 and June 2010. Hence, a long-term bearish target was projected towards 0.9450. In March 2015, the EUR/USD bears challenged the next monthly demand level around 1.0570, which had been previously reached in August 1997. Later in April 2015, a strong bullish recovery was observed around the mentioned demand level. However, next monthly candlesticks (September, October, and November) reflected a strong bearish rejection around the area of 1.1400-1.1500. Again in February 2016, the depicted price levels around 1.1400-1.1500 acted as a significant supply zone during the bullish pullback. That is why, recent bearish rejection was expected around the depicted supply levels (note the monthly candlesticks of May, August, and October 2016). In the longer term, the level of 0.9450 will remain a projected bearish target when the current monthly candlestick comes to close below the depicted monthly demand level of 1.0570. The long-term outlook for the EUR/USD pair remains bearish as the monthly chart illustrates. Bearish persistence below 1.0825 is needed to enhance this bearish scenario. In September 2016, temporary bullish breakout above 1.1250 was expressed again, but evident bearish pressure was applied on the EUR/USD pair on September 16. Bearish closure below 1.1250 (supply level 1) maintained enough bearish pressure and enhanced the bearish momentum towards the price level of 1.1000 (key level 1). On November 9, obvious bearish breakdown of the 1.1000 price level occurred (Shooting Star daily candlestick). Moreover, further bearish decline below 1.0825 (Fibonacci Expansion 100%) was expressed. The current bearish persistence below 1.0825 allowed further bearish decline to occur towards 1.0570 (demand level) where price action should be watched for short-term bullish recovery and a possible BUY entry. On the other hand, bearish closure below the depicted demand level around 1.0570 allows further bearish decline. Initial bearish target would be located around 1.0220. On the other hand, the price level of 1.0825 (Fibo Expansion 100%) constitutes a recent supply level to be watched for a SELL entry if any bullish pullback occurs. The material has been provided by InstaForex Company – Source: Instaforex

EUR/NZD analysis for November 22, 2016

Share This: Recently, EUR/NZD has been moving sideways at the price of 1.5020. Using the market profile in the 30M time frame, I found yesterday’s point of control at the price of 1.5125. Besides, I found a trading range between the price of 1.4997 (support) and the price of 1.5056. Watch for a breakout to confirm a further direction. If the price breaks upward, the target will be set at the price of 1.5125. If the price breaks lower, the target will be set at the price of 1.4960. I give more chances for higher price since price is out of balance according to yesterday’s profile. Fibonacci Pivot Points: Resistance levels R1: 1.5125 R2: 1.5150 R3: 1.5210 Support levels: S1: 1.5015 S2: 1.4985 S3: 1.4930 Trading recommendations for today: Watch for a potential breakout to confirm a further direction. The material has been provided by InstaForex Company – Source: Instaforex

Technical analysis of GBP/JPY for November 22, 2016

Share This: GBP/JPY found the support at 124.80 and started to rise. The pair managed to break above the descending channel and currently is trading above both 50 and 200 Moving Averages. This means that GBP/JPY is either going to continue correcting up or could change the direction of the trend from down to up. At the same time, the pair has broken above 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level where the next upside target could be one of the next Fibs. Consider buying GBP/JPY at the current rate (138.00), targeting either 50% (142.45) or 61.8% Fibs (146.60). Suggested stop loss is 135.10. Support: 133.12 Resistance: 138.28, 142.45, 146.62 The material has been provided by InstaForex Company – Source: Instaforex