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USD/JPY short adjustments

  1. USD/JPY short adjustments
          1. by  Kristian Kerr, Sr. Currency Strategist 

          USD/JPY short adjustments

          Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016 7:20 am EDT

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          In retrospect I probably took profit on half my short position in USD/JPY last week too early. However, I am pretty mechanical on the money management side of trading and I view that “lost profit” as the cost of staying unemotional. Technically the break of last month’s low puts the exchange rate in an obvious precarious position (long -term H&S pattern) that raises the risk of a much more aggressive slide. I am glad I still have half on. The next zone of importance on the downside looks to be 114.55/35 as this marks a nice convergence of the bottom of the 1-year standard deviation channel, the 9th square root relationship of the 2015 high and the 127% extension of the late January advance. An oversold bounce from around there would not surprise, while a break below would likely confirm that a more significant decline is indeed underway. read more

Forex Trading Offers Huge Earning Potential

  1. Forex Trading Offers Huge Earning Potential
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    Forex is the best money making opportunity in the world of trading.

    Forex Trading Offers Huge Earning Potential

    Forex currency exchange trading is one of the fastest growing trade markets in the world. It is also the biggest with an estimated 1.8 trillion dollars being exchanged every single day. read more

Silver Should Be Trading At $14.93 According to Gold –

The technical outlook is little changed for silver.

The overall trend is bullish above the January 22 low of $14 and the next resistance level and target for bullish traders is the December 7 high of $14.58, a target silver should be able to reach so long as its correlation to the price of gold holds up. My latest fair-value-estimate suggests that silver should be trading at $14.93 on gold prices trading at or above $1124.5. read more