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What are Complementary Currencies?

Nikolas Xenofontos, Director of Risk, easyMarkets

Money is the engine which makes the economy move. However, money can likewise generate problems particularly when there is too little of it or too much. When the number of problems grow in our monetary system doubts about the system grow as well. read more

Bullet Report: Oil on the Move | Watch for ADP Figures Today

The Japanese Yen continues to weaken after more talk of monetary easing, Central Bank of Japan aims to increase consumer and business spending in order to reverse the current deflationary situation. USDJPY reaches 1-month high of 103.20. US consumer confidence released 101.1 vs expectation of 97.2 yesterday, the positive result boosted the dollar index to hit a 3-week high. Data to watch today, Euro Zone core CPI flash, US will certainly release ADP employment, Chicago PMI and pending residence sales. Crude oil inventory due at GMT 14:30.  read more

You Know You’re a Trader When…

Traders can be spotted a hundred miles away. From their unique vernacular to the pale expression on their faces from staring at squiggly lines all day, it’s usually rather easy to know when you’re dealing along with a financial market enthusiast. Below is a list of 12 reasons you know you’re a trader. read more

Bullet Report: US Stocks Rebound | Gold Rallies

Yesterday’s UK Holiday kept the markets somewhat calm. JPY was the weakest major currency yesterday due to the expectation of Bank of Japan easing in the near term while the US dollar continues to strengthen versus the majors. Looking ahead, UK will certainly release mortgage approvals and M4, US will certainly release consumer assurance during US session later in today.   read more

Fed’s Janet Yellen boosts rate hike chances

The probability of the Federal Reserve (Fed) to increase interest rates twice during this year have actually increased according to its Chairwoman Janet Yellen. During her annual speech, which once again took place at Jackson Hole, she supported the Fed’s initial plan for gradual increases while she likewise said that there is “strengthened” probability for another rate hike. read more

Bullet Report: Greenback on the Rise | US Interest Rate Hike Likely

Greenback closed as one of the most effective performing major currencies last week. Fed Chair Yellen mentioned that “the case for an increase in the federal-funds rate has actually strengthened in recent months” during the Jackson Hole Symposium last Friday. A report shows that the probability of a Fed rate hike in September rose to 42% and a 65% possibility of a rate hike this year. Keep an eye out for the US ADP employment on Wednesday, US ISM Manufacturing PMI on Thursday and highly anticipated non-farm payrolls report due out on Friday.   read more

High-Tech Revolution the Frontier of China’s New Economy

It’s not all doom and gloom for the world’s second-largest economy. Amid the sharp slowdown in manufacturing, central bank uncertainty and unprecedented pace of capital flight from the country’s equity markets, China’s white-hot technology sector continues to churn out wealthy entrepreneurs tapping into high-demand sectors that intersect e-commerce, social media and green tech. In an economy desperate for brand-new direction, tech start-ups are leading the charge. read more

Bullet Report: USD Poised for Volatility Ahead of Yellen Speech

Markets are expecting that Fed’s Chair Yellen could hint on a rate hike in the near term during her speech at the Jackson Hole symposium today at GMT 14:00. A revised set of second-quarter UK GDP figures headline the economic calendar in the European hours. Expectations point to confirmation of preliminary data showing the economy added 0.6 percent in the three months through June.   read more