EUR/USD. Trump impeachment: fair trial or political process?

By | January 26, 2020

While the new Coronavirus virus broke out in the world, from which several dozen people have already died in China, processes that are of much greater importance to the foreign exchange market, the global economy and politics are also continuing. Today we will talk about the impeachment of Donald Trump, the hearing of which began on January 24 in the Senate. The indictment voiced its arguments in favor of the fact that the US president should be removed from his post. In principle, all of them have already been voiced several times, even before the Senate meeting. Abuse of power, obstruction of the Congress, blackmail of Ukraine in order to influence the results of future presidential elections in November 2020. According to one of the prosecutors, chairman of the intelligence committee of the House of Representatives Adam Schiff, “the country cannot trust a leader who acts in his personal interests, and not in the interests of the country.” “Such a person simply does not fit his position,” summed Schiff. At the same time, Trump’s lawyers did not sit idle and already presented their evidence of the lack of guilt of the US president. On Saturday, deputy attorney team Mike Purpura presented his list of evidence:

1) The Trump team has provided assistance to Ukraine more than the team of Barack Obama, has strengthened sanctions against Russia.

2) The Government of Ukraine has repeatedly stated that there is no pressure on it.

3) A telephone conversation between Trump and Vladimir Zelensky does not indicate that the US leader used military assistance as a means of pressure.

4) during a conversation between the two presidents, Zelensky did not know at all that military assistance would be delayed.

5) No investigations were launched against Joe Biden in Ukraine, although this is exactly what Trump “demanded” from Zelensky.

6) Ukraine received military assistance.

Such arguments were made by Trump’s lawyers, and most of these arguments look, to put it mildly, “far-fetched”. The most interesting thing in this whole process is not what arguments will be voiced by the parties, but whether the Senate will go to the first in US history to directly dismiss the president? President odious and uniquely memorable. Recall that in the Senate most of the seats are occupied by the same party members of Trump – the Republicans. As for the defense arguments, at least three of them are broken up into commonplace logic. 1) what is the difference how much military assistance was provided to Ukraine by the Obama administration? 2) If Ukraine had announced pressure on it, it could have ruined relations with Trump. Is it worth recalling how Trump likes to respond most to those whose actions do not meet his expectations? 3) A telephone conversation can be interpreted in completely different ways. 4) What difference did Zelensky know about whether they would delay military aid or not? 5) If investigations against Biden began in Ukraine, this would mean that the scheme of political blackmail worked.

In addition to all Trump’s earlier accusations, many experts and political analysts believe that Trump, in other words, decided to use Ukraine for his personal purposes, neglecting America’s foreign policy interests. Experts believe that, given the situation in the east of Ukraine, Ukraine in no case could be considered as a source of assistance in the elections. Ukraine remains an ally of the United States and needs help, not political pressure and blackmail. Most of the experts who have spoken out believe that Trump deserves impeachment.

Also, most experts believe that the impeachment procedure will not have a special effect on the 2020 elections. Americans will elect a president based on a wide variety of opinions and opinions. Roughly speaking, the American people are more interested in the quality and standard of living under this or that president, and the violation of the principles of democracy because of personal interests interests him much less.

*The market analysis posted here is meant to increase your awareness, but not to give instructions to make a trade.