Instant Forex Income – Trading the Forex Markets

Trading the Forex Market for fast results

Instant Forex Income – Trading the Forex Markets.

Trading the global Foreign Exchange Markets gives you the retail investor access to a humongous pool of multi trillion dollar liquidity that is awash with money from central banks, huge international banks and many commercial banks like the big 4 in Australia such as ANZ, NAB,Westpac,Com Bank and of course the RBA Reserve Bank of Australia. all will be familiar to everyone but there are major global movers and shakers like Citigroup, UBS and several others that control the bulk of the  day to day Forex market moves.

Economy  economic news and Forex Market drivers.

Many factors influence the Forex Markets including the economy, international trade, unemployment, sovereign debt or GDP output as much as terms of trade. Geo political influences and wars or other calamities can also move stock markets as well as Foreign Exchange rates can move abruptly without notice so there are some inherent risks to be aware of.  Having said all that there is ample scope to create wealth or just grow income trading the Forex Markets for fast returns on investment (ROI) and the best part is that this is the most scaleable form of investment that responds instantly to provide an Instant Forex Income by trading the Forex Markets.

Time is money trading Forex

Trading platforms such as MT4 Metatrader and Ninja Trader allow retail investment Forex traders to place trades on short or long time frames from 1 minute through to position trading week or month time frames as much as the 1 or 5 minute time frames afford the opportunity to scalp profits in minutes and that is why this website is called “Instant Forex Income”because it is that fast and a terrific way to make a living that many traders enjoy a great lifestyle and it is possible for you to do this also and I will show you how with good Forex Trading Education, Forex Charting and Forex strategies that will get you started quickly.

Forex Trading Money Management


Preserving your capital is the primary goal and mission for all FOrex Traders and within this site you will find out how to size your trading position and calculate risk, there is no greater principle in Forex trading than to manage risk and exposure to prevent accounts being blown up and I will drum it into your head the need to always trade safe and use protection, it is called “Stop Loss” and every trade you make has to have an exit strategy along with your trading plan.

Tracking your progress as a foreign exchange trader

Forex Trading requires good financial  management and good house keeping of your money so knowing where you are is not just looking at the account balance of your Forex Trading Account but to study your trading patterns and sequences or loss trades that will inform you that you may need to review your trading plan or indeed your trading strategy. Keeping a trade journal keeps your honest with yourself and accountable for your trading style. I will cover this aspect in parts of the whole site.

Is an Instant Forex Income really possible?

All traders can earn a relative to investment account and scale the trades over time, I do not recommend large deposits until traders have a proven track record of a good win rate and patience with discipline to trade diligently and with purpose, Forex Trading isn’t for everyone as clearly some people will have tenancies  to over trade or get hooked on the rush, this is for people who are determined to grow an income and a nest egg for the future years as we all go through low share dividends and pathetic bank interest rates, forex trading is a vehicle to far greater returns.


You don’t know what you don’t know in Forex Trading
Forex trading Education is a must for new or novice traders from basics and charting to understanding currency pairs, commodities and Indices that  traded using MT4, Ninja Trader or Trade Station in Forex Trading having good knowledge will empower you to find out more since we never know what we don’t know and like all worth while life skills and pursuits learning something new has it’s own rewards in confidence and  ability to trade the Forex Markets successfully and acquire an Instant Forex Income.