Japan Has Y1,816.8 Billion Current Account Surplus

By | December 9, 2019
Japan Has Y1,816

Japan had a current account surplus of 1,816.8 billion yen in October, the Ministry of Finance said on Monday – exceeding expectations for 1,806.8 billion yen and up from 1,612.9 billion in September.

The trade balance reflected a surplus of 254.0 billion yen – also beating forecasts for 138.8 billion yen following the 1.1 billion yen surplus in the previous month.

Imports were down 15.3 percent on year to 6,285.9 billion yen, while exports fell an annual 7.9 percent to 6,539.9 billion yen.

The capital account posted a deficit of 45.4 billion yen, while the financial account saw a surplus of 879.9 billion yen.

The adjusted current account surplus was 1,732.2 billion yen, beating forecasts for 1,731.1 billion yen and up from 1,485.2 billion yen a month earlier.