Bullet Report: BoE keeps rates unchanged, US data in Focus today

Today’s calendar attributes numerous vital United States data consisting of CPI Inflation as well as Consumer Self-confidence for September. Yesterday’s data from the US (Retail Sales) was weaker than expected which contributed to issues concerning the FED not raising prices this year whatsoever. Financial markets are now pricing a 10% chance of a price trek on September21st and also 50% for December. In addition, the BoE and also SNB both maintained their plans the same, however when it comes to the BoE, it left the door open up to more price cuts this year, something that placed stress on the GBP. read more

Trader Fact Files – William Delbert Gann

More popularly known as WD Gann for the development of technical analysis tools known as Gann Angles, William Delbert Gann created these market forecasting methods based on principles of geometry, ancient mathematics, astronomy, and astrology. read more

Bullet Report: BoE and SnB in Focus today. US Retail Sales in focus

There are several market moving events in the calendar today, including 2 Central Bank Rate Decisions and US Retail Sales. Bank of England is widely expected to keep the rates unchanged along along with its stimulus package set at 435billion GBP. The Swiss National Bank is likewise expected to keep their policy unchanged at -0.75%. US Retail Sales will be closely watched in the afternoon. While US Rate expectations for September (next week) are rather low, the news today will confirm whatever the decision next week will be.  read more

Helicopter Money Q&A

After years of massive economic stimulus, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) could become the first central bank to adopt “helicopter money” in an attempt to jolt the economy out of stagnation. This highly unconventional policy approach has drawn the ire of many in the market community. In this Q&A we explore why this might be the case. read more

Bullet Report: Markets Could Crash Further According to this Index

After a relatively calm start to the week, volatility has actually returned to the market. Most action is seen in Stock markets, along with the global selloff sparking concerns. Yesterday was the 5th consecutive day of decline s in stock markets and the SP500 has actually touched a 2-month low.   read more

5 Reasons to Try the easyMarkets Platform

Mercedes Pantazi, Customer Support Manager, easyMarkets

Choosing the right financial broker can be a daunting task, especially for brand-new and inexperienced traders who aren’t familiar with the market. Over the past 13 years, the Cyprus-based easyMarkets has actually emerged as a premier platform for both brand-new and experienced traders looking for reliability, ease of use and a reputable broker in which to deposit and withdraw their funds. Below we look at five reasons every trader should give the easyMarkets platform a try. read more

Bullet Report: FED official comments pushes Gold higher and the Dollar lower

Last night Chinese data was rather strong as retail sales, industrial production and investments all rose above consensus. Additionally last night, FED member Brainard played down the chance of imminent rate hikes as her comments suggested that the Fed is not ready to hike in next week’s meeting. Her comments sparked volatility in a generally subdued session up until that time. 
Currencies: There is still lack of direction In the markets as there hasn’t been any market moving data to give rise to speculation as to a rate hike on September 21st. Nevertheless, Thursday will feature the US Retail Sales report that is an important indicator of the health of the US economy, so volatility may be just around the corner. EUR/USD consolidated between 1.1225 and 1.1240, while GBP/USD traded 1.3315-40. USD/JPY was slightly more volatile, as it fell from 102.00 to 101.40 in the early part of the Asian session, however managed to bounce from there and rallied back to 102. read more

Hot Topic – Fed Rate Hike for September?

Here’s how the markets are responding

• Major global indices are taking a hit following the selloff of US stocks.
• In Asia, the Nikkei fell 1.5%, the Hang Seng dropped 2.5% and the Shanghai SSE is down 1.6%.
• US stocks dropped 2.5% on Friday – the biggest decline we’ve seen since the Brexit referendum. read more

Bullet Report: Stock Market Selloff and a Stronger Dollar. Opportunity or Trend Reversal?

The Stock sell off is dominating the markets as US stocks tumbled the most since the Brexit vote. This may be a warning sign of more volatility ahead as markets are catching up along with the opportunity for a September rate hike and geopolitical tension in Asia due to north Korea’s powerful nuclear test. Adding to the uncertainty is likewise Presidential Candidate’s Hilary Clinton’s health problems. Focus this week will be the US retail Sales (Thursday) and the BoE Rate Decision and meeting (Thursday). 
Currencies: The price action during the Asian session was subdued, despite a stock market selloff. Last week, the USD rebounded from 2 week lows on Friday, as comments by FED members boosted the chances for an interest rate hike in the near term. The USD endured huge losses earlier when ISM service report indicated the biggest drop in the services sector since 2008. Investors are currently pricing a 24% opportunity of a rate hike in September and data leading to this announcement will be critically watched. read more