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China Eases Lending Standards to Boost Housing – Will it Work?

Share This: DailyFX.com – This daily digest focuses on market sentiment, new developments in China’s foreign exchange policy, changes in financial market regulations and Chinese-language economic coverage in order to keep DailyFX readers up-to-date on news typically covered only in Chinese-language sources. – China’s central bank cut the minimum down payment ratios for mortgages to stimulate the housing… Read More »

US Dollar Wobbles But Fed Speculation and Liquidity Keep a Bid

Share This: …Drained of liquidity by various holidays, the normal expectation is for quiet and steady gains (often called the ‘Santa Claus’ rally). However, this time around, the thin market conditions can lead to serious trouble as the threat of volatility remains dangerously high. A number of big-picture financial risks hang over the markets including China’s economic cooling… Read More »

US Dollar Fundamentally Moored Until Fed or Fear Decides Its Fate

Share This: …broader financial markets. Anxiety will support volatility, but fostering trends will be far more difficult. Active traders should adapt to the environment while investors (longer term) should mark the change in tempo for the currency’s monetary policy advantage post-ECB and pre-FOMC. Market conditions represent a separate analysis type in my book, but it has ties to… Read More »