USD/JPY short adjustments

Share This: ContentsUSD/JPY short adjustments by  Kristian Kerr, Sr. Currency Strategist  USD/JPY short adjustments Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016 7:20 am EDT Mon Feb 08 20:20:00 GMT 2016 by  Kristian Kerr, Sr. Currency Strategist  Global macro, technical analysis, cyclical analysis & market geometry Connect via: In retrospect I probably took profit on half my short position in USD/JPY last week too early. However, I am pretty mechanical on the money management side of trading and I

History of Trading the Forex Market

Share This: ContentsA History of trading the Forex MarketThe Birth of the Foreign Currency ExchangeA History of trading the Forex Market   A History of Forex tradingForex currency trading has made massive advancements over recent years and is becoming on the Internets most searched for trading opportunities. Technological advancements have made Forex an opportunity to make money for everyone from small individual speculators to large multi-national companies. In reality the principles of Forex trade

Forex Trading Offers Huge Earning Potential

Share This: ContentsForex trading Offers Huge Earning PotentialIncredible Forex Leverage RatiosMassive Earning PotentialStop-Loss Functions for Safer Currency tradingForex is the best money making opportunity in the world of trading. Forex trading Offers Huge Earning Potential Forex currency exchange trading is one of the fastest growing trade markets in the world. It is also the biggest with an estimated 1.8 trillion dollars being exchanged every single day. With these stats to it’s name it

How To Simplify Finding Supply And Demand Zones With Hawkeye Zones

Share This: How To Simplify Finding Supply And Demand Zones With Hawkeye Zones This will interest those who are more experienced Forex Traders. On Wednesday, February 3rd at 8:00pm ET, Hawkeye Traders is holding a special webinar to present Hawkeye Zones, a powerful new indicator in the Hawkeye volume trading suite. Here’s what users are saying: “Hawkeye Zones is a trading system that helps the trader identify key levels

USD/JPY Weakness to Persist on Wait-and-See Kuroda

Share This: …Fervor USD/CAD Technical Analysis: CAD Bulls Likely In Charge below 1.4325 (Levels) COT-Big Increase in Net Long Position for Crude Oil Trend Followers USD/JPY-Don’t Forget about the 26 Year Trendline Get our top trading opportunities of 2016 HERE Avoid the pitfalls of trading by steering clear of classic mistakes. Review these principles in the “Traits of Successful Traders“ series. — Written by David Song, Currency Analyst To contact David, e-mail

Silver Should Be Trading At $14.93 According to Gold

Share This: – The technical outlook is little changed for silver. The overall trend is bullish above the January 22 low of $14 and the next resistance level and target for bullish traders is the December 7 high of $14.58, a target silver should be able to reach so long as its correlation to the price of gold holds up. My latest fair-value-estimate suggests that silver should be trading at $14.93 on gold prices trading at or above $1124.5. Traders projecting higher prices and