Altredo fails to deliver

By | April 26, 2018

Doing business online should be simple and up front but sometimes there are business’s that just take your money and don’t deliver and make outrageous demands for proof that you are using your own credit or debit card.  Altredo seems to have some good EA’s but try buying anything and you will run into the worst customer service experience ever, the guy is rude and accused me of using a stolen credit card.


A;tredo use and obscure Israel icredit payment channel and obviously it is an unknown, you would think that Aktedo would use PayPal as all customers are Verified when they join PayPal as a customer or as for my own business is Verified by VISA which means customers and vendor   are protected and no one sees your credit card and that is the safest payment channel on the planet today.

A;tredo support wanted me to send a photo of me holding my debit card and passport by insecure email that is easily hacked these days and what’s to stop this support person from stealing your identity or as is the case these days selling tour ID on the dark web?

This sort of behaviour is pathetic paranoia  seemingly from someone with no business sense and gets charge backs a lot and since they use unknown payment channel they have no protection that say PayPal could  protect them from.

My complaint however is the belligerent attitude and poor service if you can call it service at all, the support or sales person apparently has no identity of his own as emails come with no name, just gutless.

You want to deal with Altredo? strap your self in for a ride

Oh, BTW, I can’t review the EA as I haven’t got it and I am waiting for a refund since Altredo won’t deliver.


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